Ski and randonee

Mountains with dream views to blue fjords

Senja has a large range of fantastic ski mountains and the season was until mid-June. Some of the most popular peaks are not far away; The Astritinden 742 masl is located right up by Laukvik. Keipen 938 masl, Grytetippen 885 masl, Store Hesten 874 masl and Breitinden 1017 masl, all of which are less than 30 minutes drive from Laukvik. We can arrange a guide for you and your group if desired. 6 km from Laukvik you will also find groomed cross-country trails in a family-friendly beautiful hiking terrain.

Upon request, we arrange a guide for your group if desired.

Avalanche danger and equipment rental

The most reliable information about the risk of avalanches at any time can be found at

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