RIB and Kayak

We go on a RIB from Laukvik on Senja Sommarøy which has world class sea kayaking where a local guide will take you around Sommarøya archipelago. Paddling is one of the finest ways to experience nature, one moves at a leisurely pace and gets close to the maritime wildlife that exists; otters, eider ducks, puffins and perhaps curious porpoises that appear along the side of the kayak. Sommarøy is also called the Arctic Caribbean and contains a treasure chest of islets, reefs and chalk-white sandy beaches. With a kayak you can reach the most inaccessible and hidden gems.

Sommarøy kalles også for det arktiske karibien og inneholder en skattekiste av holmer, skjær og kritthvite sandstrender.

We use sturdy double kayaks that provide a good and safe experience at sea. Our guides have in-depth knowledge of the coastal community and the region, so feel free to ask along the way if you want to learn.
After the kayak trip, we set the pace and continue with Rib out in the ocean gap to the “island in the sea” Hekkingen on the outside of Senja where one of Northern Norway’s oldest lighthouses is located. There is a large sea eagle population here, so get your camera ready to take a spectacular picture of this giant bird.
This is a beautiful, complete sea safari experience that addresses the highlights of the landscape and wildlife up here.


Hvis båtturen må avbestilles på grunn av ekstreme vær- eller vindforhold, blir turen gjennomført som en safari med bil, og hver deltaker vil motta en refusjon på 250 kroner.


RIB trip, kayak with all equipment incl. wetsuit.



• Warm clothes to wear under life jacket / paddle suit (warm wool / fleece)
• Hat and gloves
• Waterproof camera
• Water bottle

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